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Dr. Volom Dental has made a tremendous journey from the one-person dental clinic in Budapest to the present four-storey high-tech clinic. Our dentistry has a decade-long history: it opened on 1 February 1990 as a private praxis in Budapest.


The circumstances have changed, but the content has remained the same: outstanding professionalism, maximum attention to the needs of our patients, human and professional integrity. The founder and owner of the clinic is Doctor Volom, a renowned international speaker, who invented and introduced several special dental procedures. Certain therapies are only available in our clinic in the country.


The name is obligatory - we have built a team of dentists with outstanding professionalism, and each member is delighted with the philosophy of Volom Doctor.


Every corner of our clinic radiates calm and restrained elegance. We have arranged to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The attentive and caring staff, the comfortable leather armchair and the quiet music are sure to make you relax and cheer you up.


Our dental clinic's above-average equipment, on one hand, serves the most accurate work, and on the other hand, increases the comfort of our patients. That's why we use a laser carnage finder, microscope, digital x-ray and computer-controlled painless anesthetic device.




Aesthetic Dentist

Dr. András Volom is the owner and professional leader of the clinic. Not only is one of the most well-known aesthetic dentists in the country, a bruxism therapist, an implantologist, but also a well-known speaker  internationally,  and author of many dental articles, co-author of several books.


It has been almost ten years since I chose Dr. Volom Dentistry and I have never been disappointed. All staff at the clinic - doctors and assistants alike - are no exception to the high standard, do their job precisely and are very kindly. I have already recommended to my family members and acquaintances this very well equipped clinic. Thank you for your conscientious work!

I had problems with my existing replacement. In Dr. Volom Dental  they discovered the cause  what was the imperfect bite. After the correction I felt like I was getting a completely new denture. It was much better to eat and sleep, because my night's bruxism was also greatly reduced. Edge replacement remained in place and I didn't feel any problems during the past year.

Etelka Albrecht

Antal Lancendorfer

The unpleasant symptoms of gingivitis first appeared during my pregnancy. Fortunately, thanks to the well-chosen and precisely planned treatments, we managed to prevent serious problems. With the right attention and expertise, you don't have to realize the old saying that one child takes one tooth!

“Dear Volom Doctor! It has been 10 years since - I can say it without exaggeration - youchanged my life. "

The story of a direct veneer that not only made teeth more beautiful ...

A mother

Julia Kávai

Volom Dental

Volom Dental

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Monday-Friday 9.00-20.00

We are closed on weekends. 

+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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