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Adult orthodontic specialist

Dr. Zalai is an expert in invisible (Invisalign) orthodontics and has extensive experience in micro implant and partial orthodontics. Already at the beginning of his university studies he was interested in orthodontics, but due to the circumstances at that time he was first qualified as a restorative dentist, and then he became an orthodontist. This comprehensive experience is a great advantage, especially when dealing with complex cases. Invisible orthodontics (Invisalign) and the associated 3D digital design are the most popular areas within orthodontics. In addition, it is well known for the use of orthodontic micro-implants, which in many cases make complicated treatments easier or faster. He has been involved in the care of many patients with developmental disorders and has gained experience in resolving the differences requiring surgery. He considers orthodontics important not only by itself but also as part of a complex therapy, whether it is to treat serious functional abnormalities or to prepare the teeth for proper positioning before making prostheses.
As dentistry is constantly evolving, it is important for him to participate in conferences and trainings at home and abroad.

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  • In 2008 he graduated with a summa cum laude from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Szeged.

  • Until 2016, he worked at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Szeged as a clinical doctor and then as a university assistant.



  • Dental Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber

  • Association of Hungarian Dentists


  • 2009 7th International Advanced ICAS Training Course at State-of-the-Art of Tooth-Colored Adhesive Restorations, Ulm, Germany

  • 2009 Prof. Simone Grandini “Modern Techniques in Preserving Dentistry”, Szeged

  • 2011 “Practical modern endodontics, focusing on microscope” training, Budapest

  • 2013 9th IVOS - International Vienna Orthodontic Symposium, Vienna, Austria

  • 2013 10th IADR World Congress on Preventive Dentistry, Budapest, Hungary

  • 2014 MyClearBrace invisible orthodontic certification

  • 2014 7th Forestadent Symposia, Punta Skala, Croatia

  • 2015 Orthodontic Techniques and Protocols Applicable in your office - Orthodontic conference, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2016 HappySmile invisible orthodontic certification

  • 2016 Anatomy and Function of Grinding Teeth - Course of János Makó Dental Technician, Budapest

  • 2017 Invisalign certification


I recommend the clinic to everyone who wants a nice, precise and thorough dental service!

 Gabriella Tukacs-Gacs


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00-20.00

We are closed on weekends. 

+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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