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Clinical linguist, myofunctional consultant

At Marian's office there is no crying child, she has the patience and kindness for each of them, because successful treatment requires cooperation, which is only possible in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Her mission is to spread myofunctional (gentle, and thus long-lasting) early (even in primary teeth) orthodontic treatment that has been successful abroad for decades. At the end of her linguistic career she began to inquire deeper into myofunctional orthodontics, which was love at first sight. For Mariann, this is an extremely gentle method that treats dental occlusion problems in a complex way and provides stable results in the long term. After a comprehensive training in this field, at our clinic, Mariann has created a great orofacial team with myofunctional therapist and speech therapist. In addition, we are also in contact with physiotherapist and orthopedist for the necessary cases for complete success. In addition, Mariann keeps lectures, trainings for dentists, speech therapists, nurses and physiotherapists also. She also organizes forums for parents about the relationship between irregular teeth, dysfunction of the muscles, breathing and postural disorders, and the possibilities of prevention and treatment. She attaches great importance to educating prospective and practicing parents in the spirit of prevention and early detection.




  • In 1987 she graduated from the JATE Faculty of Humanities at the German-Russian Faculty and then

  • In 1992, she specialized in the field of general and applied linguistics. She wrote her thesis on comparative linguistics and on neurolinguistics, the role of syllable in linguistic rehabilitation of aphasic patients - possibilities for rebuilding linguistic levels.

  • From 1987 to 1991 she taught in hungarian, russian, english and hungarian to foreign students at SZOTE and SOTE.

  • In 1992, she taught german and russian technical language at BME for one year, and hungarian for foreign students.

  • Between 1992 and 96, she served as a lecturer at the German Language Department at Corvinus University, where she held russian language training for russian teachers and taught german descriptive linguistics and language history in this program.



  • Recognizing Myofunctional Problems and Early Therapy -  What We Can Do for Harmonious Face Development and Dentition? - Logopedic Congress Eger, 2007

  • General Health Aspects of Oral Respiratory  - Upgrade Dental Congress Budapest, 2011

  • The effect of myofunctional dysfunctions on dentition and facial development, recognition and early therapy of problems - Logopedic Conference Budapest, 2011

  • Causes, Early Detection and Therapy of Respiratory and Swelling Disorders - Early Development Conference in Tatabánya, 2013

  • The importance of orofacial myofunctional therapy in the prevention of dental disorders, the promotion of normal facial development and the preservation of general health - Upgrade Dental Congress Budapest, 2014

  • The Effect of Breastfeeding on Face Development and Dentition - Breastfeeding World Day Nursing Conference Makó, 2014

  • Good Face Development, Regular and Healthy Teeth - Prevention, Early Detection, Therapy Opportunities - Védőnői Centenárium Budapest, 2015

  • Is irregular dentition an inherited or acquired disorder? - Prevention, Early Recognition, Therapeutic Opportunities - Opening of the Year of the Defense Conference Budapest, 2016

  • Postural problems, myofunctional dysfunctions, facial development and dentition in the context of general health - Physical Health Education Budapest, 2017


About 1 year ago we came to dr. Volom Dental kft. My little daughter Has swallowing disorder. With the use of the trainer and the different exercises I experienced a great change. My little daughter's teeth were much nicer. I'm very pleased with the force! Thank you very much for everything!

Karola Kis


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00-20.00

We are closed on weekends. 

+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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