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Dentist, Oral diagnostics specialist

Her dynamic, open personality and expertise is the guarantee that every patient will be happy to sit in her dental chair and leave our clinic with satisfactio.  She is the Oral Diagnostics, Oral Mucosal Disorders, and Aesthetic Dentistry Specialist at our clinic. Already during her university years she was involved in student education as an appointed anatomy demonstrator, and she could expand her professional skills within the Clinical Talent Research Program. After graduation, she was admitted to the Department of Oral Diagnostics at the University as a Restorative Dentist and Prosthetic Resident, where she participates in the education of hungarian and foreign students. She finds it very important to have precise, pain-free treatments, using a complex approach, trying to provide her patients with a relaxed mood and complete care. She prefers tooth reserving treatments, taking into account aesthetic and functional aspects. Doctor Kovács puts great emphasis on preventing oral cancer and recognizing it in time, so her every patient undergoes a thorough stomato-oncological examination alongside the usual dental control.




  • She graduated in 2017 at Semmelweis University. As a student, she was a member of the Clinical Talent Research Program, and after graduation she was admitted to the Department of Oral Diagnostics at the University as a Restaurative Dentist resident.

  • She started working at Volom Dental in 2017.



  • Association of Hungarian Dentists

  • Dental Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber



  • Hereaus Kulzer Cara Smile Digital Smile Design Course 2016, Hanau

  • State of the Art Class II Dental Restorations - 2017, Budapest

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress - 2017, Budapest

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress - 2018, Budapest

  • Inlay, onlay, overlay and II. Class Cavity Preparation - 2018, Budapest

  • Gnatology in Everyday Dental Practice - 2019, Budapest

  • Complex Manual Therapy - Head-Neck Connections with Temporomandibular Joint - 2019, Budapest

  • II. Interdisciplinary HPV Congress - 2019, Budapest


I was afraid to go to the dentist for a long time, and that led to regrettable result. It was a pity to be afraid: now I'm over the first treatments, and I already know that the treatment does not hurt, but in return it gives a great result. I can only encourage everyone who has dental care fear not to wait, come here :)

Ferenc Bányai


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00-20.00

We are closed on weekends. 

+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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