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Dentist, restorative dentistry specialist

Doctor Halla is a dental profession who sees dentistry as a very complex and varied challenge. Because every case is different and the needs of the patients are very diverse, she tries to keep this in mind during her work. She solves the complaints of those who turn to her in a personalized, aesthetic, and functional way.

She finds it very important to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For her,  the greatest joy is when a first-time anxious patient smiles, and leaves happily.




  • In 2014, she graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Szeged

  • She has been working for Volom Dental since 2016.



  • Association of Hungarian Dentists

  • Dental Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber



  • Perspectives on Paro-Implantology University of Szeged Faculty of Dentistry April 26-27, 2013

  • Preventive approach in dentistry, XX. Szent-Györgyi Days University of Szeged 15.11.2013

  • Hungarian Facial, Jaw and Oral Surgery Society XVII. National Congress with the participation of the Hungarian Traumatologist Society and the 9th International Danubius Symposium Hungarian Society for Facial, Jaw, and Oral Surgery 23.11.2013.

  • MIS Implants Basic Course 03.29.2014

  • Smart Guide Basic Course 25.04.2014

  • Perspectives on Paro-Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry University of Szeged Faculty of Dentistry May 9, 2014

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress 18.10.2014

  • Direct Veneer Making Easy, High Quality Dr. Volom Dental 22.05.2015

  • Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Posterior Direct Restorations 2015.04.18.

  • Aesthetic / Endodontic Congress 2015.10.01-02-03.

  • Natural tooth cloned into composite / Vanini Dental Press Hungary Kft.

  • Dental World 2016

  • Artistic direct restorations in the posterior region - Hands-on 13.10.2016

  • Aesthetic and technical basics of dental photography, Microscope assisted direct posterior restorations 13.10.2016.

  • Colored tooth - direct composite restoration approach - Hands-on 14.10.2016

  • Porcelain veneers, analogue and digital temporary visualization shells 15.10.2016

  • Special applications for direct shells - dark IV. class, broken porcelain - advanced, practical training 02.12.2016

  • The system of implants fixed on the implant 24.03.2017

  • Digital Volumentomography 30.06.2017

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress - 2017, Budapest

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress - 2018, Budapest

  • Inlay, onlay, overlay and II. Class Cavity Preparation - 2018, Budapest


I am very pleased, the dental office and Dr. Halla Gabriella are a miracle! Recommended to everyone who wants a nice, precise and thorough dental service!

Gabriella Tukacs-Gacs


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9.00-20.00

We are closed on weekends. 

+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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