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Aesthetic dentist, endodontist

Doctor Ágh is an exceptionally nice doctor. Her qualification is far above average. Not only is she familiar with modern root canal procedures, she is able to design and produce dentures in such a way that they are not only beautiful but also comfortable and wearable. This qualifies her to be one of our Dental Excellence Specialists.

Her attention turned early to the retaining dentistry. She spent one year in Canada where she had the opportunity to further expand her knowledge. In her work, the recognition that personalized oral hygiene education has a profound effect on the success of dental work has been strengthened.

Dr. Orsolya Ágh is highly professional and knowledgeable doctor, according to our patients and our collegues also. She finished university with excellent results. Her practical work is thoughtful and responsible, to which foreign studies have added a lot.




  • Graduated from the Semmelweis University Dental Faculty in 2010.

  • During her university studies, she spent one year with scholarship at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, where she had the opportunity to look at german dental care and education

  • In 2012, she attended a one-year postgraduate endodontic training course in Canada, withGhassam Yared.

  • In 2016 she joined dr. Volom aesthetic dentistry team, both as endodontic and aesthetic specialist.



  • 2014: Upgrade Dental Congress

  • 2015: II. Prevention and Oral hygiene Congress



  • Association of Hungarian Dentists

  • Dental Section of the Hungarian Medical Chamber

  • Hungarian Society of Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry (founding member)


  • Stress-free shoulder preparation - 2011, Győr, Hungary

  • Endodontics in Everyday Care - 2011, Budapest, Hungary

  • Modern preparation tools and applications - Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Modern Root Treatments - 2012, Budapest, Hungary

  • Fiber reinforcement in dental practice - 2013, Budapest, Hungary

  • Bruxism Therapy - 2014, Budapest, Hungary

  • Aesthetic Dental Congress Dental World - 2014, Budapest, Hungary

  • Aesthetic Dental Congress Dental World - 2015, Budapest, Hungary

  • Endodontic Congress Dental World - 2015, Budapest, Hungary

  • Artistic Direct Composite Restorations in the Anterior Region - Predictably, Easily - Lecture and Hands-on Course - 2015, Budapest

  • Farewell to Breaking Bodies - Practical Course on Para and Intrapulpary Pins - 2015, Budapest

  • Competence In Esthetics Congress - 2015, Vienna

  • Shoulder preparation based on periodontological principles, hands-on course - 2015, Budapest

  • Bruxism Diagnostics - 2015, Budapest

  • Direct Resin Artistry in the Posterior Dentition - 2016, Budapest

  • Vertiprep - The Vertical Preparation Technique - 2016, Budapest

  • Laminate Veneers - A Valuable Method for Each Dental Office - 2016, Budapest

  • Competence In Esthetics Congress - 2017, Vienna

  • Ivoclar Vivadent: The Latest Bonding Techniques - 2017, Liechtenstein

  • Ivoclar Vivadent: BPS, Biofunctional Prosthesis Hands-on Course - 2017, Liechtenstein

  • State of the Art: Class II Dental Restorations hands-on course - 2017, Budapest

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress - 2017, Budapest

  • Dental World Aesthetic Congress - 2018, Budapest

  • Inlay, onlay, overlay and II. Class Cavity Preparation - 2018, Budapest


I had problems with my existing fillings. In Dr. Volom Dental, they discovered the cause was the imperfect bite. The bite was corrected by Dr. Orsolya Ágh. I have been completely satisfied with my work and am still up to this day. After the correction I felt like I was getting a completely new denture. It was much better to eat and sleep, because my night's bruxism was also greatly reduced. Edge replacement remained in place and I didn't feel any problems during the past year.

Antal Lancendorfer



Hétfő-Péntek 9.00-20.00

Hétvégén zárva tartunk. 

+36 1 214 3551 / +36 30 530 2606

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